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Oxford Shoes

I’m fixated on finding the perfect oxford shoe.

I had a beautiful pair, but they had NO padding for the ball of the foot. The two inch stack heel was a versatile height, the capped toe looked finished, the opening was perfect… not too high, not too low… sigh. I tried 3 different insoles, but they weren’t much help and with them in, the toe box was too small. So I let them go, as life is both too short, and too long, for uncomfortable shoes.

At any rate, now I’m on the hunt. I’m seeing a lot of oxford shoes out there, it is inevitable the perfect pair will turn up. I’ve learned from previous such obsessions that it is pointless to buy anything short of my ideal. If I do, I won’t love it, I won’t wear it, and I’ll have wasted my money. Never settle!

Here’s an assortment of oxfords available online right now:

What’s on your shopping list?

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Good Stuff From Unexpected Places

I heard a great quote somewhere a few years ago, the details are hazy, but the gist was that there are great pieces to be found in places we wouldn’t normally shop. I loved the idea, so started keeping my eyes open. A fantastic pair of earrings here, great sweater there… it was true! And it helped expand my wardrobe into different styles. It felt great to be diversifying and I felt my stye matured. As I mentioned here, for years I’d stuck with the same cuts and colors when shopping. I think it’s a pretty common habit. But it’s so fun to branch out!

My favorite off-habit purchase was a wild silly dress from Cache. Cache is great, it just doesn’t fit my aesthetic. But this dress fit me perfectly, the colors were crazy, it was sexy, and just an absolute hoot! I loved that dress. Sadly I can’t share photos of it as it disappeared on a Vegas trip years ago. Don’t ask, I’m not allowed to tell.

Anyway, when a Pendleton circular showed up in my mailbox, I leafed through it before recycling to check for finds… here are my favorites:

What are your favorite unexpected fashion finds?

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Smorgasbord of Flats

I love pumps. They make me feel feminine and powerful. I’d wear them every day if it were practical, unfortunately that doesn’t work with my lifestyle. But I still want to wear pretty shoes.

Enter flats.

I’ve been stalking them online lately and here are a few of my favorites.

Adeline by Tracy Reese, available at piperlime.

Adeline by Tracy Reese, available at piperlime. Conservative but cute. Would work for any occasion.


Fabel by Nicole, available at piperlime. Still conservative but stretching a little with the touch of sparkle and the contrast trim.

Tricia by Arturo Chiang, on sale at piperlime!

Tricia by Arturo Chiang, on sale at piperlime! Raspberry flats? Oh yes. 

The Jennie by Kate Spade. Love those colors, and I'm flashing back to Jelly Shoes (excuse me while I show my age).

Jennie by Kate Spade. Love those colors, and I’m flashing back to Jelly Shoes (excuse me while I show my age).

Glossed D'Orsay Skimmers available at Anthropologie. The ankle strap is perfect.

Glossed D’Orsay Skimmers available at Anthropologie. The ankle strap is perfect, and those cut outs seal the deal.

Tilted Tie Rain Flats available at Anthropologie. I'm in love with these beautiful shoes. I love the slant across the toe, the lovely cream contrasted with the bow, and again the Jelly Shoe connection!

Tilted Tie Rain Flats available at Anthropologie. I’m in love with this pair… the slant across the toe, the lovely cream contrasted with the black bow, and again the Jelly Shoe connection!

What is your latest fashion obsession?

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Dream Boots

I think I found my Dream Boots!

I was running errands last week with no intention of shopping for boots, when I passed a local shoe shop with 60% off signs out front. I’m not sure it’s physically possible to pass that up. They had some gorgeous Melissa Button Back Zip Frye Boots. I think I’m in love. The only color they had left in my size was grey which looks great, but doesn’t really go with my wardrobe. But they looked and felt amazing on… so I walked away from the dream boots. Because settling is never a good idea. I try to apply that to every area of my life.

Frye's Melissa Button Back Zip in Brown Antique Soft Full Grain Leather.

Frye’s Melissa Button Back Zip in Brown Antique Soft Full Grain Leather.

BUT, when I got home I rummaged around the interwebs and found them in several colors on the Frye website. After scouring every site I could find, I determined there were no better deals to be had for the exact boot I wanted.

The boots are 348$ and I’m working on staying strictly within a budget so decided it was time to use some restraint. I’ve bookmarked the boots and budgeted them for February. If I still love them in February as much as I do right now, I’m buying them!

budget calculation

Do you have a budget? What are your strategies for sticking to it?

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Sweet Silver Bells… (Holiday Office Party Outfit)

It is, of course, important to dress appropriately for any event you’ll be attending. If an office party is on your agenda, yesterday’s outfit may be too much… leather skirts are fabulous, but not appropriate for every occasion (tragic).

Below is a more casual and conservative option.

Screen Shot 2012-12-09 at 8.58.23 PM

  1. Kate Spade earrings and a similar bracelet, I adore Kate Spade designs. They’re my Achilles’ heel… well made and such fantastic design.
  2. J. Crew Perfect Fit Boat Neck Tee, the burgundy is the perfect pop of color, and the neckline is modest enough for even the most sober environment.
  3. Anthropologie Lace Framed Sweater, the lace is gorgeous. I love this cardigan.
  4. J. Crew Minnie Pant, a cropped stretch slack that looks good on everyone.
  5. Kate Spade Grove Court Lainey Shoulder Bag, would be big enough for a couple files as well as your phone, water bottle, scarf, and a small makeup bag. It’s beautiful and will last you 10 years if you take care of it.
  6. Anthropologie Tindra T-Strap Pumps, amazingly versatile shoes that will be a wardrobe staple. These can work with a party dress or jeans and will be an attention getter wherever you go.

I can also imagine a bright or dark green shirt under the cardi, for a different look and to complement different coloring. Instead of accessorizing with this simple black and gold, pearls or sparklies can also personalize the ensemble.

Would this outfit work for your office party?

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Yet More (Moto) Boots

I thought I was done with boots after yesterday’s post, but I saw an add for lipstick or something today and the model was wearing moto boots.

I had a minor obsession with them for a bit and stalked the internet looking at, literally, dozens of different interpretations. I tried on at least 15 pairs over several months. In the end I couldn’t justify adding them to my wardrobe as it already included a fantastic new pair of casual everyday boots, and a pair of work boots.

Regardless, here are some of my favorite moto boots available this season:

Indigo by Clarks. I love the diagonal zipper, and they’re good for colder climates as they are lined.

Frye Boots are such great quality you’ll have them forever, and the distressed finish adds interesting texture.

I never got into the “slipper boot” trend as I called the Ugg style we first encountered here in the US, but these are gorgeous, sophisticated, and come in a mid-calf height as well.

What do you think of moto boots? Have you included them in your Fall, 2012 clothing budget?

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I have been looking for the perfect pair of riding boots for at least 3 years now. I saw these last year and fell in love, but couldn’t find them.

The coveted boots

The coveted boots

This look is so great, the color of the leather, the layering of textures, and that back zip just does me in. I’m over the moon. And I can’t find them. Such is life. There are worse problems to have, no?

But I did find an amazing pair of short boots (also sorely needed) and I’m beyond happy with them. The look is fantastic, the leather is like butter, and they are so comfortable I wear them everywhere.

Alberto Fermani Siena.

Alberto Fermani Siena.

They were definitely an investment piece, but the quality is high enough they should last a decade minimum. I’m a big believer in comfortable shoes for healthy feet (thanks for teaching me that Mom!) and in having shoes resoled, belts shortened or adding more holes to them, etc. Your local Cobbler can be a great source for caring for all your leather items. I once took in a Kate Spade purse (I’ve had it 5 years and still carry it at least a few times a week) into which a kind stranger spilled his diet coke. They restored it to it’s beautiful pre-treat state.

If you have pieces you love but don’t use much anymore, consider taking them to a cobbler or having the dry cleaner alter or repair them. Restoring old favorites to circulation both saves you the heartache of losing a favorite piece, and the expense of replacement.

What do you do to preserve valued wardrobe staples? Or your special occasion pieces come to that?