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So I recently spent a week in Kauai.  A group of us went for a friend’s wedding, and it was wonderful!

We spent a lot of time just relaxing, but we did run around a bit, so below are my favorite Kauai highlights. We really didn’t do a lot of touring or exploring so this is definitely an incomplete list.


The basics: it is is the fourth largest of the primary Hawaiian Islands, and geologically the oldest. With an area of 562 square miles, Kauai is the 21st largest island in the United States. The Garden Isle, as it is also called,  is situated 105 miles northwest of Oahu.


Hanalei Bay is a great beach for relaxing. Not the spot for surfing as the orientation of the Bay keeps the water very calm. Perfect if you have small humans with your group. We had 3 little tykes along and of course there was an adult with each of them at all times, but it was great knowing the water was so peaceful. The bottom is sandy all the way out, the slope very gradual, and you can walk out surprisingly far and still only be waist deep. The Bay was 2 blocks from our rental house and the view from the water was just as good as the view from the shore… mountains with waterfalls. Beautiful.


We took a boat and snorkel tour of the Nepali Coast. Fantastic. They took it slow on the way out, lots of history and general information on the various beaches and waterfalls as we went. We saw Dolphins and Sea Turtles, took the boat into sea caves, super fun. Then we snorkeled for an hour or so. It was nice, but not as impressive as the Caribbean. The ride back was great– fast and against the waves. It was a pretty wild ride and we got soaked, but we’d been warned and I loved it. I did lose my hat though, so am now in the market for a new fedora.



Friends took a helicopter tour of the island (totally reminded me of T.C. from Magnum P.I.) and LOVED it. Tunnels and Ke’e beaches have fantastic snorkeling. And the wedding was held at Kahiliholo Falls. The reception was nearby at Common Ground, a local “field to table,” organic cafe.

There was so much we didn’t get around to seeing or doing, as we were busy with our group or in a blissed out state of quiet relaxation.  For more Kauai info check out Trip Advisor or Fodor’s, and Go Hawaii.


Have you taken any trips lately? What’s your best travel advice?

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