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Infused Olive Oil

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We bought a pour-top bottle recently, in which to keep olive oil on the kitchen counter. We, like most people, cook daily with olive oil, and it was a cheap, attractive, convenient storage and dispensing solution. I love the look of it. Silly? Probably. But why not?


I then thought how nice it would be to make our own herb infused olive oil to drizzle on crusty bread or over roasted veggies. Luckily I checked online for instructions first. Apparently, if you don’t use preserved or thoroughly dehydrated ingredients, you can end up preparing a lovely media for the growth of botulism. (!)


I then found several methods of preparing SAFE home herbed oil. It’s attractive and tasty, and I love that I made it myself. I’m going to enjoy using my fancy homemade herbed oil, but next time I’ll buy the pre-made. The threat of botulism dampers my enjoyment… buzzkill!

Have you ever regretted a project? What was it?

Author: GlitterThistle

I’m a pragmatic romantic who finds myself decorating things, places, friends and inevitably myself. I love color, texture, and shiny things. I’m a talker. I’ve been an avid traveler and the giver of travel, dating, and fashion advice to my circle of friends for 2 decades. My goals are conversation, creativity, connectedness, exploration, and finding beauty to appreciate. Posts go up a couple times a week. Drop by, leave a comment, I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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