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Just a Number


So I’ve been reading a lot lately about weight just being a number, loving yourself as you are, working towards healthy instead of skinny, all that jazz. It’s obviously awesome. Feel Fit February is a good example of the buzz, it’s a 3 blogger collaboration.

What a great idea.

I talk about his stuff with my hubs regularly as he was, once upon a time, a fitness instructor. He is also a former paramedic and a martial arts expert, and knows a lot about wellness and nutrition in general. So last week I was reading a magazine and I pointed to a model with the most amazing slim sculpted cellulite-free beautiful legs, “Do you think my legs can ever look like that again?” (The “again” was pretty generous, but at my most fit… well, sure, maybe).

Athleta's beautiful model Lauren C.

Athleta‘s beautiful model, Lauren C.

His response blew me away. He stopped what he was doing, made eye contact, and re-oriented me to reality: “She looks great. She’s also probably been hungry for 15 years.”

Whoa. Right. Plus air brushing.

This morning I saw some photos of myself 10 years ago. I looked great! And I didn’t realize it, I was convinced I was deficient in a dozen ways. So today I’m thinking, let’s let go of the negative crap we think about ourselves. In 10 years we’ll look at photos we’re taking of ourselves now, and think we looked amazing. We’ll wish we’d realized “then” how hot we were! So let’s realize it now. Let’s not starve ourselves and beat ourselves up about whatever isn’t good enough. Let’s go for healthy and happy.

Who’s in?

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2 thoughts on “Just a Number

  1. LOL, definitely hungry for 15 years. Thanks so much for mentioning Feel Fit February on your blog. We really appreciate it!
    Alyson, The Average Girl’s Guide

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