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3D Printers and Custom Fashion

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You guys have probably all heard about 3D printers, so I won’t to insult your intelligence by belaboring the basics. Suffice it to say, there are implications for artpublic safety, and medicine, just to start down the rabbit hole. Possibilities range from printing out new organs for transplant patients, to printing guns (clearly there are major concerns about this).

A digitally created and printed sculpture, image via

A digitally created and printed sculpture, image via

NPR’s Planet Money did a great show recently about 3D printers. Among many other things, they mentioned the printers can be used to manufacture custom clothing.


Each piece is made to fit the customers exact measurements, not some arbitrary set of sizes into which we have to cram ourselves and make do. Imagine, tank tops that don’t ride up because they actually fit our curves! I was fascinated and googled “3D Printing + Fashion” that evening. From what I’ve found, this could become a very big deal, potentially a game changer for the fashion industry.

A 3D Printer in use, image via

A 3D Printer in use, image via

This video discusses fashion industry implications. It’s only 11 minutes and I was completely intrigued. The last speaker represented Shulogique, a company that takes 3D scans of your feet and custom makes pumps to fit you perfectly. You get to choose heel height, color, style… I wonder how long before this technology really takes off and there aren’t numbered sizes anymore… we each have our own size. “I’d like that in ‘Ellen’ please.”


Beautiful Shoes, via Shulogique’s FB page.

What do you think of 3D printing?

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