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Living a Life of Adventure

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Adventure. It adds flavor to life. It makes us feel alive and vital.

I have always yearned for adventure. I know this is in no way unique to me. What child doesn’t want to sail the seven seas, win epic battles, and travel through time? But I never outgrew it. So, my junior year of college I attended University College Cork in Ireland for a junior year abroad. I took that opportunity to travel all over Europe by myself, then quit school and moved to Germany for a year after that, as I just wasn’t ready to return to the States. I wandered quite a bit for a few years, even after returning to the US. 

London. It's time to go back.

London. It’s time to go back.

In the past 10 years I’ve learned to dance Salsa, gone surfing, scuba diving, sky diving, swimming with dolphins, and snow boarding (that one was a bust). I traveled for work, taking contracts in Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Kansas City, and San Francisco. I traveled through most of Central America by myself and climbed Half Dome in Yosemite. I took Krav Maga for 2 years and tested into the second level. I worked on a helicopter for 3 years. I embraced adventure whole heartedly.

Horseback riding in Costa Rica, 2005.

Costa Rica, 2005, Mt Arenal in the background.

Screen Shot 2013-01-19 at 9.31.49 AM

Honduras, 2006.


Buenos Aires, 2007.

Sparring in my Krav Maga class.

Sparring in my Krav Maga class, 2011.

Since getting married (dating itself was definitely an adventure!) I’ve been much more domestic and have loved every minute of it. But I’m feeling the itch and it’s time to get out there again.

Nicaragua, 2009. This monkey kept sticking his butt in my face, I could not stop laughing.

Nicaragua, 2009. This monkey kept sticking his butt in my face, got in my lap, was all over me. I could not stop laughing.

So here’s my list of proposed adventures for the next couple years. Some of this is pretty mundane, but it’s new to me:

  • learn to ride a motorcycle
  • take a hot air balloon ride
  • go horseback riding (haven’t been in YEARS!)
  • get my advanced scuba cert
  • get my lifesaving scuba cert
  • go skydiving again
  • go public with my blog (seems adventurous to me!)
  • budoir photo shoot (I’m VERY shy around cameras, but my hubs would love this)

And now that I’m thinking about all this, there are lots of quiet, less daring, new things I’d like to try.

  • take a sewing class
  • take a photography class
  • try out Zumba fitness classes
  • take Samba lessons

Embracing bold new activities, learning new things, finding creative outlets… it’s what life’s all about. I’m excited to have new challenges lined up! And maybe I’ll add some time in a hammock with a view like this to my list too…

Costa Rica, Pacific side.

Costa Rica, 2005.

What new thing (or old thing you miss) would you like to try?

Author: GlitterThistle

I’m a pragmatic romantic who finds myself decorating things, places, friends and inevitably myself. I love color, texture, and shiny things. I’m a talker. I’ve been an avid traveler and the giver of travel, dating, and fashion advice to my circle of friends for 2 decades. My goals are conversation, creativity, connectedness, exploration, and finding beauty to appreciate. Posts go up a couple times a week. Drop by, leave a comment, I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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