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Inspirations: J’s Everyday Fashion

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I love fashion. I love dressing up. I love dressing other people.


Let me state now, I have no training or education in fashion. I have been a casual fashion advisor to friends for years (I love doing wardrobe makeovers!) but really my advice is based on the education I received from my Mom and two older sisters, various influential friends growing up, years of watching “What Not to Wear,” and most recently, reading the blog J’s Everyday Fashion.

J, from J's Everyday Fashion.

J, from J’s Everyday Fashion.

J inspires me. Her website is down to earth, accessible, encouraging, and humorous. She focuses on bridging the gap between the fashion magazines and real life, using inspiration photos juxtaposed with photos of her real life interpretation. She talks about shopping strategies as well as developing styling skills, finding your own personal style, and not taking it all too seriously or being afraid of Fashion Fails. After all, even celebrities, with basically unlimited clothing budgets and professional stylists on hand, have Fashion Fails sometimes.


Susie and Jane were convinced they’d start fad.

I think my favorite line from her blog isn’t fashion related, though. She wrote a piece on advice for new bloggers and the very last line: “Nice always wins.”

Words to live by. 

For those not in the fashion industry, where have you found your biggest style influences?

Author: GlitterThistle

I’m a pragmatic romantic who finds myself decorating things, places, friends and inevitably myself. I love color, texture, and shiny things. I’m a talker. I’ve been an avid traveler and the giver of travel, dating, and fashion advice to my circle of friends for 2 decades. My goals are conversation, creativity, connectedness, exploration, and finding beauty to appreciate. Posts go up a couple times a week. Drop by, leave a comment, I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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