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No Excuse November

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Today was my third day in a row attending The Dailey Method. It’s an intense work out, and I’m committed to exercising there 5 days a week for the rest of the month. No Excuses! 

My motivation is sadly, not just health, but also an unwillingness to buy a new wardrobe in a larger size! I was married in May () and we’ve been very busy eating and gazing into one another’s eyes lovingly. I worked out at a Krav Maga gym for a couple years and loved it, but have definitely gone soft and would much rather hug it out that punch it out since moving in with my sweet hubs.

At any rate, the gloves are off (oof… sorry about the pun) and yesterday I sorted through my clothes: keep vs. donate. I packaged up all the keepers that do not currently fit and stowed them on a high shelf in my closet. I plan to bring it down at the end of January and try things on again. Hopefully most of those pieces will go back in circulation at that point.


Motivation is everything! I will see that bag of clothes every day. And a coworker and I have agreed to text every day and make sure we’re both sticking to the 5 day a week workouts.

They say it takes an average of 21 days to form a habit, so by the end of the month I should be back on the horse. Hmm… horseback riding is a great workout…

Have you found something that keeps you motivated to stay fit? If so, what works for you?

Author: GlitterThistle

I’m a pragmatic romantic who finds myself decorating things, places, friends and inevitably myself. I love color, texture, and shiny things. I’m a talker. I’ve been an avid traveler and the giver of travel, dating, and fashion advice to my circle of friends for 2 decades. My goals are conversation, creativity, connectedness, exploration, and finding beauty to appreciate. Posts go up a couple times a week. Drop by, leave a comment, I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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